Monday, January 16, 2017

Little Eternities

I could just rest my head like this for small pieces of eternity, comforted in the warmth of your embrace. I listen to the steady beat of your heart, strong, true, and watch the rise and fall of your chest. I listen to the air move in and out of your lungs, as I melt into your warmth. I feel your chin rest on the top of my head, and I softly look up to let my lips meet yours before laying my head back down, with a contented sigh.

We often make love after moments like this, but this by itself is not sexual, or even sexy. It is not lust, not carnal. It is intimate. It Is the intimacy of hearing your heart, pounding steadily, driving life through your body, and feeling so close to that life. I live for these little moments, both of us so relaxed in the way we touch. No expectation of anything, except the comfort of shared warmth, and two beating hearts, enlivened by the breath we share. Little eternities, captured forever in my mind, as recollection leaves me with a smile.