Tuesday, May 23, 2017

So Much Sky
Written in 2008

So much sky to blanket me,
Puffy clouds look like you could
Jump and touch them,
If you had a big enough trampoline.

Walk up the hill to touch the sky,
Green and rolling up to pure blue.
Walk through a cloud,
Or jump on it and fly.

Rocks of red and hillsides of green,
Dotted with yellow, red,
Purple, and blue,
Cresting and falling in a breath taking scene.

The wind touches as a lover's embrace,
Sometimes soft,
At other times gruff and firm,
As it whips your hair, and touches your face.

The sun is warm in so much sky,
Enough sky to blanket me,
And the whole world,
As touchable clouds glide aimlessly by.

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