Monday, May 22, 2017

All Summer in a Semester

I have several things on my mind today, none of which are work related. It's Monday, and I'm tired. The rain is falling gently, and I feel a touch like Margot, cruelly deprived or her "Summer in a Day." Although that's quite a melodramatic simile, considering the lovely day of Sunshine that allowed me to pull weeds and clear flower beds on Saturday. I'm sore from it. I took it slow and steady, but can clearly feel I have worked muscle groups that haven't seen much in the way of exercise in months. The front yard looks a little healthier for it anyway. And maybe, if the weather is good, and my ambition holds, I will be able to do some work on the back portion of our lot.

I'm sore, and tired, and grumpy. Although I can't blame it on the weekend necessarily. Saturday, I spent out in the sun, listening to an eclectic selection of music, and making friends with a neighborhood cat, who snuck up on me, and scared me half out of my wits. The cat, was kind enough to stick around and keep me company while I worked, although he wasn't very much help.

Saturday night I was invited to attend a "Passion Party" with a great group of women, none of whom were shy. It was a fun time, and I was glad I got to go. The following day, an old high school friend introduced me to a good store for full figured women, with an amazing clearance rack. We then went to a local venue to pick pre-made bisque fired pottery projects, which we then glazed to our taste. My friend and I both had a great time sitting there chatting while we worked alongside each other with paint brushes and glaze. And it felt amazing to re-engage the right side of my brain, to step away from the problem solving of calculations and logic, and instead apply problem solving skills to the arrangement of the elements of design.

The pieces should be fired to cure the glaze by Saturday. I'm really looking forward to getting my project back. And I am hoping it's something my husband and I can do for a date night one night, or over a weekend. I think we'd both have fun with it. I'm always on the hunt for stuff we can try together that doesn't involve a bar, or a great deal of expense. This seems to fit the bill, and there are enough techniques and templates, I think he could have fun with it too. I also look forward to taking each of the kiddos down to participate. It would be a good activity to rotate them through for one on one time with mom, something they all constantly remind me they need. And it gives them a chance to exercise their creativity, as all of the children are proving they have no problem with right brain processes either.

It was a fun weekend, but not a restful one. I enjoy being with friends, and trying new things, but I am reminded today, I also need my down time. I think in the future I may stick to just one commitment per weekend. It seems to be all I have the energy for.

I passed my Pre-Calc class, but need to improve my grade in order to take the next required class. So I'm going to re-take it over the summer. With that said, I'm going to have a full time class load in addition to a full time job. I'm hoping that kiddos' Summer Vacation will make this doable, as I don't anticipate having to coordinate school activities. In any case it's going to be a quick and dirty, exhausting 6-8 weeks. But I know I can trudge through it and make it to the other side. I just have to remind myself C's earn degrees too, and right now, it's just about passing, not acing, anything. One of my credits is a Yoga class also, so… Namaste!

In Fall I'll be scaled back to part-time classes again. Depending on how it goes, that may become my strategy for next Sumer as well. I have hopes of being able to graduate with my Associates by Spring of 2019, if not sooner. And then it's onwards from there.

I'm waiting with baited breath to hear when one of my other very good high school friends will have her baby. They've been struggling with fertility issues for years, and finally went through the IVF process. I don't know if this is their one and done, or if they will try for another one later down the road. All I know is this baby has been long anticipated, and is already so loved. I'm hoping to take some days off work to travel and go help her with housework, cooking and the like. They are awesome people, and I have been so grateful to have her and her husband in my life these many years.

In the meantime I've knocked out my middle daughter's IEP, and on Wednesday she and I will tour the High School she'll be attending in the Fall. She's talking about taking wood shop and welding in high school, as she is intrigued by the prospect of college art programs. My youngest is playing Soccer, and is enjoying it, and my oldest continues to make me proud of all her accomplishments, even if they are accompanied by a fair amount of sarcasm and sass. She's an independent thinker, and that's not a bad thing.

So I'm tired and grumpy, but I am also happy. My life makes me smile, and I'm grateful for that.

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